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Saggezza Partners with Snowflake to Bring Data Warehousing to the Cloud

Saggezza clients will gain flexibility, ease of use and cost savings for essential data projects.

Chicago – Jan. 16, 2019 – Leading global technology solutions provider Saggezza announced today a partnership with cloud data warehouse technology provider Snowflake, which will benefit Saggezza’s clients by reducing costs for data-related projects and expanding ways in which the data can be interpreted. This partnership further strengthens Saggezza’s commitment to providing a full set of the most

ns for its clients.

The expanded capabilities of the partnership bring several specific benefits for data-related projects. With Snowflake, Saggezza can aggregate all sources of client data into a single source for easy viewability, providing a 360-degree view of data and making it easier to attain actionable insights from the data.

The solution also provides a unique architecture that keeps data storage separate from the computational component. This reduces costs-per-second expenses, and makes it possible to create multiple data clusters that let analysts run as many queries as needed, whenever needed.

“Our clients know they can count on us to find and implement the best solutions possible,” said Veera Budhi, Assistant Vice President of Technology and Services at Saggezza. “Although Snowflake is relatively new to the market, they have five years of proven operation. They offer the perfect balance of new technology and reliability.”

The solution will be most useful to clients with current on-premise data warehousing, and is compatible with a wide range of data sources, including Oracle, SQL Servers, CSV Files and AS400, among others. The solution’s core strength comes from its ability to pull data from many sources into a single data source, regardless of infrastructure.

Saggezza was first introduced to Snowflake through industry relationships between the two companies’ employees, which are indicative of Saggezza’s deep roots in the industry. Saggezza recognized Snowflake’s excellent track record and ultimately found it to be the best technology provider for the job.

“Many of our clients come to Saggezza because they want help with IT modernization and digital transformation,” said Arvind Kapur, co-founder and CEO of Saggezza. “When going through modernization, clients want to know that they’re getting the absolute best and most modern technologies, which in this case means taking advantage of the cloud.”

Several of Saggezza’s clients are already benefiting from this partnership, and the company plans to extend the offering to other clients that would benefit from it.

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