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Restructuring Business Processes to Increase Operational Efficien...

A private equity firm acquired a national wealth advisory firm and needed to align and grow the back-office services that were at the core of their business offerings.

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Post-Pandemic Success: The Technology Roadmap

This year our society has changed at unprecedented rates, an extraordinary challenge to manage in the marketplace. To adapt to the […]

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Digital Debt and the Challenge to Stay Ahead: Enter Joint Strike

THE BRIEF In 2012, a national restaurant chain was acquired by a private equity company. This buyout created an opportunity […]

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4 Tools to Accelerate Your Company’s Financial Planning & ...

In the not so distant past, corporate finance teams built their models and shared Excel files via email. While this […]

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Eliminating Digital Debt for National Restaurant Chain

A national restaurant chain acquired by a Private Equity company needed to identify potential technological investments to enhance their digital presence.

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Agile Processes Improve Deliverable Quality for National Furnitur...

A national furniture retailer was growing rapidly and needed to restructure how they deliver value to their customers utilizing digital transformation.

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How to Evaluate Non-Quantifiable Financial Opportunities

Corporate finance professionals are critically evaluated to help the company grow through prudent use of capital.

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Is Your Portfolio Ready for Digital Transformation?

A common mantra in the business world is “Every company is a technology company now.” We hear it repeated ceaselessly by […]

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Measuring Digital Debt: A Structured and Methodical Way to Lead t...

Measuring digital debt, the consequence of a poor or insufficient digital strategy, can be tricky for even the most careful insider. […]

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