We intentionally created Saggezza to be a very different kind of technology company, and we always look for people who want something new. Something more.

We’re looking for people who want to feel genuinely empowered at work every day. People who are ready to step up, contribute fresh ideas, confidently collaborate and know they are a valuable part of a progressive, motivated team. We’re looking for passionate, thoughtful people who want to blaze new career paths, not walk the same tired ones.

We Connect Technology, Talent & Heart.

Saggezza is part consultancy, part technology and all about our people.

From day one, we encourage new ways of working, for people at every experience level. Want to deepen your skill sets, make a bigger impact or explore a variety of roles? We may be the only tech company that not only encourages you, we help you to soar.

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Our Values

Opportunities and empowerment are indispensable to our culture. They’re what we seek, how we support one another and how we succeed as a team. We run on trust and make decisions based on four value pillars:

Client Success

We continuously look for ways to improve your business, then deliver high-value solutions for stronger results.


Our 360 thinking leads to revolutionary tech development strategies and valuable solutions for you.


We provide our highest level of personal effort and professional best every day, on every level.


We are personally invested, involved, and genuinely care about the work we do for you.

An Inside Look at Saggezza


What It's Like to Work at Saggezza

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We have over 700 consultants, UX leads, data scientists and developers who work together, accelerate business and pursue digital transformation at every level.

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