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Providing Custom Design Changes In A Single Click

Saggezza builds a state-of-the-art
automation tool to accelerate the client onboarding process from weeks to seconds with the click of a button.

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Accelerating Industry Modernization with E-Commerce Website Upgra...

Saggezza standardizes design processes for e-commerce sites and creates a more productive and scalable work environment.

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The Business Value of Your Current State

The phrase “digital transformation” can be misleading. “Digital” suggests that it’s all about technology, and “transformation” suggests that it’s all […]

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Where UX & Agile Meet

If you’ve ever invested a lot of time and money into launching a new product only to see user adoption […]

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Noticing Low Website Conversion Rates? Rethink Your Information A...

If you’re having trouble converting leads on your website, your first move might be to look at ways to improve […]

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A Day in the Life of a Front-End UI Developer

I’ve been a front-end UI developer at Saggezza for about a year and a half now, and in that time, […]

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Webpack and React: No Need to Fear!

As a developer who frequently works with React, I have always relied on the Create React App command to quickly […]

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The Business Benefits of Moving Further along the UX Maturity Sca...

Lately, we’ve been writing a lot about the differences between UX and CX and how their respective design principles work […]

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How Design Systems Can Increase Your Organization’s Efficiency ...

I’ve written in the past about how users’ digital experience fits into digital transformation. In this piece, I’m going to […]

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Improving User Experience with a Customized Product Design

Saggezza transforms the construction bidding process into a modernized, customer-centric system.

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