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Uncovering the Limitations of E-Commerce Platforms – Why We Bui...

Opening your own online store these days is remarkably simple, as there are so many e-commerce platforms out there that […]

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What Does Technical Excellence Look Like at Your Organization?

In 1967, computer scientist Melvin Conway made an observation that became known as “Conway’s Law.” He stated that systems engineers […]

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Digital Transformation of Legacy Systems in 18 Months

Saggezza reimagines the digital transformation strategy to reduce operational costs.

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A Day in the Life of a Test Engineer

Heather Carter explains why being a Test Engineer is such a rewarding career path to tread… While studying Software Engineering […]

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Technical Excellence Program: A Different Kind of Software Bootca...

I believe that anyone with strong critical thinking skills and a deep interest in computer science can become a great […]

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Increasing Maturity in Agile Software Development

A Fortune 500 company, a global provider of Print, Digital and Supply Chain Solutions, faced difficulty in keeping up with changing demands and new opportunities in software development.

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How Plug-and-Play Support Can Accelerate Digital Transformation i...

The insurance industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation, and companies that don’t keep up will be left behind in […]

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Beating Expectations With Customer Driven Development

Senior Software Developer, John Plaxton, explains how agile methodologies and scrum processes – combined with the implementation of Gitlab and […]

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IT Career Development Resources

IT Professionals can be paid a competitive salary and are in high demand in many sectors. However, to land a job, you’ll benefit from having experience, continuing education, and a professional network of peers and mentors.

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How Mid-Market Companies Can Tap the Transformative Power of Inno...

Innovation labs offer significant value to the companies that use them: not just the development of new technologies and processes […]

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