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The insurance industry is highly competitive. Driven by customizing an exemplary digital customer experience, successful carriers make it as simple as possible for customers to go online, get a new quote, and then purchase a policy of their choosing.  

When Saggezza’s client, one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the U.S., needed to align branding styles across a multiple of application platforms, they reached out for assistance. 



The client serves an array of insurance partners, via white labelling, across multiple projects. At this time, onboarding new partners or updating any brand-related styles of current partners is costly and labor intensive, taking weeks to complete designs and implement them into the white label application. Considering each customer requires different designs, styles, colors, and fonts, each redesign is essentially started from scratch every single time. This process became quite time consuming for both designers and developers who were manually creating customer configurations and style changes. 

The client was looking to: 

  • Automate the development workflow and handoff between developers and designers, which will significantly reduce a project’s cost 
  • Increase brand control management, change management and development velocity 
  • Reduce development time, manual labor, defects, and time to market 


With the help of Saggezza, our client formed a team who was dedicated to improving the manual process involved in the design/development handoff, automating much of the delivery of style information by making the data directly consumable by the client’s applications. 

Figma, the client’s design platform of choice, is a web-app that has the ability to export each application’s design styles to javascript, an interactive programming language used to improve the user experience. Saggezza’s developers built a serverless AWS Lambda API to fetch the client’s partner theme styles directly from Figma, then parse the fetched JSON styles to collect all the necessary properties for each project. Then, the API processes those styles using Amazon’s style dictionary, which is finally served in the response which can be consumed directly by the theming engine of the client’s frontend framework. 

This serverless Lambda API is a low-cost solution that can serve color, typography, spacing styles and even SVG images to any of the client’s applications. The API also has the ability to serve a multitude of different style formats, such as Material UI themes, SASS, Stylus and many more. 


Decrease of time spent on manual redesigns 


Style updates in just a click of a button 

UI style updates that would have taken weeks or more to implement can now be done in days. 


Streamline hand off process between designers and developers 

reducing style defects, which allows developers to spend more time working on new features. 


Increased flexibility and freedom for designers 

Encouraging designers to be more adventurous, because implementation time has been drastically decreased 


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