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Digital Transformation of Legacy Systems in 18 Months

Saggezza reimagines the digital transformation strategy to reduce operational costs.

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Improving User Experience with a Customized Product Design

Saggezza transforms the construction bidding process into a modernized, customer-centric system.

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Healthcare Company Transforms its Data to Improve the Patient Exp...

Saggezza builds scalable cloud solutions to ensure all data is accessible, accurate, and standardized with a single source of truth.

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Transforming the Home-Building Process for American Classic Homes

Saggezza analyzes business operations and establishes a centralized application in the cloud for access on any device.

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Modernizing Business Operations With Data Visualization

Saggezza delivers tailored reporting solutions to gain full visibility into business operations and evaluate KPIs for future enhancements. 

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Leading Credit Card Company Secures B2B Transactions to Expand Su...

Saggezza develops supplier enablement applications that simplify cloud-based data leveraging to develop future strategies.

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Insurance Company Collects $800,000 in Additional Premiums Throug...

When a top U.S. Insurance company noticed a large portion of their web traffic was leaving in the checkout process, they reached out to Saggezza for help.

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Leading US Bank Accelerates Their Path to Digital Banking

Saggezza improves the customer experience by modernizing banking software with a user-friendly UI Architecture.

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Increasing Maturity in Agile Software Development

A Fortune 500 company, a global provider of Print, Digital and Supply Chain Solutions, faced difficulty in keeping up with changing demands and new opportunities in software development.

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