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Offering a New Work – Based Study Programme!

On the 28th of November, Sunderland University held its annual commencement luncheon for their recent graduates. The Dean of Academic Studies, Alastair Irons, personally invited Iqbal Sait, Saggezza’s Head of EMEA, along with colleagues Vikas Valsang and Allison Cummins to attend in recognition of the work that Saggezza has already accomplished with the university. Valsang and Cummins successfully operate as Saggezza’s People and Capability Managers in the U.K. and in India. While attending the luncheon, all three were introduced to an elite group of honorable University leaders as well as the Vice Chancellor. Sait and Valsang were even presented coveted SU ties by Irons for their consistent heart and dedication to promote data science. “The relationship Saggezza has built with the university is the result of a long standing partnership since we set up our office in Sunderland”, informs Cummins. Introductions were first made by the Sunderland City Council as a warm welcome to the local community.

How Does the Programme Work? 

Saggezza UK currently has work-based students from Sunderland University, a commonality on the horizon for India. “Saggezza is building our already existing relationship with Sunderland University by exploring the option of offering a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Applied Data Science programme for our employees”, says Sait. Both himself and Valsang will be offering out MScs to employees in India. An assessment will be given, and selected Saggezza India individuals will be invited to Sunderland.  “For one year, this will allow individuals to study and work at the same time”, adds Sait. They will be in the Sunderland office for twenty hours a week, while studying diligently for their Master’s. Irons himself recently visited Saggezza’s leadership team in Chennai to begin the planning for this programme. “From a sponsorship perspective, this initiative could also include the Sunderland City Council and we hope to implement this as soon as 2020”, explains Sait. 

The Sunderland office is currently focusing on an initiative for year two students. Cummins illustrates how students are “offered the chance to come into our office and are provided with a practice packrat. This is specifically related to data science and gives them an idea of what they would have to do if applying for a job with us. We also introduce them to our various teams, sitting and talking with them on what employees are working on. What methodologies are they using and what coding skills and programmes are practiced.” The UK already has had two sessions thus far, and a final session before the holidays on December 16th. “After Christmas, we do the year two project itself. We act as the client that provides students with a project that groups of students will be working on. There is also a trade show where students get to showcase what programmes they’ve created, such as app creation and more.” These programmes will continue to serve the next generation of data – driven individuals by placing emphasis on marketable skills needed in the real world.

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