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Udemy Launches in the UK

Neiv Hans, a marketing associate at Saggezza, sat down with Saggezza UK’s People & Capability Manager, Allison Cummins, to discuss their recent use with “Udemy”.

N: What is “Udemy” and what can it be used for? 

A: Udemy is now available for everyone in the UK. With this brand-new personal and professional development tool, companies can prepare for any challenges they may face during work, and of course, we can learn new skills! After completing a demo of the site in December 2019, our Saggezza developers were highly impressed and lots of them have used Udemy for their own personal use in the past. 

N: Which courses would Saggezza recommend? 

A: There is a vast range of high-quality courses available. One of the most popular has been “Data Structures & Algorithms”, which teaches one how to analyze, implement and select the best algorithms to use. “React – the Complete Guide” is also popular for those who want to learn the modern JavaScript library through theories, solving assignments and practicing in demo projects. Saggezza has already completed over two hundred hours of learning!

N: How has Saggezza’s experience with Udemy helped partners and clients? 

A: The Saggezza Sunderland team is keen to take advantage of the ability to create learning paths of recommended courses to assist guided learning for us. Overall, the feedback from the team is very positive. Saggezza can create learning paths for partners and clients working in specific industries which would help them in their delivery. 

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