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Kids Have Fun, Learn to Code at 0Gravity Coding Club

Saggezza is proud to sponsor 0Gravity Coding Club, an initiative to create awareness, structured training programs and communities for technical education for children 10-15 years old. The idea for 0Gravity was brought to Saggezza in 2016 by a young man named Krish Samtani, who wanted children of all backgrounds to have the opportunity to become coders. 0Gravity first launched at our India offices in January 2017, and we have been growing ever since.

An article from The Hindu titled “Cracking the Code” in January 2017 announcing the launch of 0Gravity.

0Gravity’s mission is to create vibrant communities of coding clubs for young kids anchored by best in class technology professionals and academics who provide training and mentoring at a corporate site for free. We want to create an opportunity for children of all backgrounds and economic statuses to become successful coders. Coding curriculum includes: HTML, CSS, Python, Java, etc. We certainly try to make it as fun as possible, including the use of games like Minecraft into the curriculum.  Says U.S. Consulate General in Chennai Robert Burgess, “This is so much fun; It’s learning but it’s also fun.”

US Consulate General in Chennai, Robert Burgess, with kids from the Lend Foundation session.
The closing of session 4 in Bengaluru with the children holding their certificates of completion.

With great success in both of our India locations (Chennai and Bengaluru), we launched the club in Sunderland in January 2018. Says Saggezza’s UK managing director Martin Williams, “The young people who took part in the programme have really progressed – some of them have even started coding independently with little support from our team, which is just fantastic to see and shows how engaged they are.”

News article in Sunderland highlighting the launch of 0G in the UK, February 2018.

We currently have a waiting list for kids looking to be apart of the club in both India and the UK.

Most recently, we launched our US 0Gravity initiative in Chicago in July 2018. With a successful launch at our headquarters, we look forward to bringing coding to children around the city and suburbs. “Over the last year and a half, we have been very fortunate to train some wonderful children. Applied computer science training is a rarity in India, and our objective is to leave children with a spark of interest in the hope of further pursuing computer science,” says Krish.

To learn more about 0Gravity and find out how you (and your kids!) can get involved, please visit

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