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Saggezza Launches Salesforce Practice to Help Clients Maximize CRM Investment ROI

New practice helps clients in financial services, insurance, healthcare, and more to close more deals and provide a better customer experience

CHICAGO, Aug. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Saggezza, a global technology solutions provider and consulting firm, today announced the launch of its Salesforce Practice. Through the new practice, Saggezza clients accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and better align business processes and technology investment with their primary goal: to become customer-focused companies. Saggezza became an official Salesforce Partner in June and continues to grow its brand within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Jeff Pigatto, a 25-year technology consulting veteran, serves as Vice President and Global Head of Saggezza’s Salesforce Practice. The new practice is dedicated to helping clients use Salesforce better by making sense of mountains of Salesforce data to realize a higher return on their CRM investment. Pigatto’s team is supported by Saggezza’s Global Delivery Center in Sunderland, England.

“According to IDC, Salesforce can potentially deliver a 450 percent return-on-investment over five years. Many companies already use Salesforce, but aren’t seeing that level of return because they don’t leverage the system’s full capabilities in a way that helps them reach their business goals,” Pigatto said. “Our dedicated Salesforce Practice ensures that companies get the most out of their CRM investment through continued training, development, and alignment with digital transformation initiatives.”

Saggezza’s Salesforce Practice leverages a cadre of business-focused solutions to meet its customers wherever they are in their CRM journey. They start by determining where clients are along a five-stage CRM maturity model and provide the consulting expertise to help them mature to sequential stages:

  1. Ad Hoc: Decentralized teams sort through multiple forms of customer data across spreadsheets and email with no visibility into sales or service metrics.
  2. Aspiring: Users manage data manually within siloed legacy systems that don’t integrate with supporting platforms.
  3. Evolving: Teams engage with basic Salesforce functionality that includes a centralized repository and single source of truth, and visibility into the sales pipeline.
  4. Practicing: Users make data-driven decisions through the adoption of analytics, visualization, and reporting tools.
  5. Innovating: Fully integrated systems support the entire customer lifecycle.

Saggezza clients in financial services, insurance, healthcare, and more evolve through the maturity model from decentralized repositories of customer data into fully integrated systems that support the entire lifecycle of a customer – from lead generation to billing. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and social listening technologies help clients make their data actionable and provide personalized, trustworthy, and empathetic experiences for customers and employees.

“Too many companies make the decision to invest in Salesforce, but barely scratch the surface in terms of realizing its potential and tying its capabilities to specific business outcomes,” Pigatto said. “We help our clients leverage the full suite of Salesforce capabilities through the delivery of end-to-end digital processes that enhance the customer experience and transform their journey every step of the way — from first contact and targeted marketing, throughout the sales and purchasing experience, to the resolution of post-purchase issues.”

For more information on Saggezza’s Salesforce Practice, visit

About Saggezza
Saggezza combines software development, implementation expertise, and data analytics to help businesses make better data-driven decisions and improve client interaction, engagement, satisfaction, revenue and profitability. With nearly 500 technology and business consultants and offices on three continents, Saggezza works to unlock the power of enterprise data, accelerate growth, uncover new opportunities and create innovative, operational cultures for companies around the globe.

Media Contact: Jack McHugh,

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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