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Meet our new Saggezzian: Luke Swaddle

Luke Swaddle joined Saggezza’s Tech Track cohort as an associate developer in June this year, having decided becoming a teacher wasn’t for him. 

After graduating from Teesside University with a first class Computer Science degree, Luke decided to go into teacher training as he thought it would be a good fit for his life as a new dad, managing his work-life balance and providing time off during the school holidays. However, he soon realised it wasn’t the right career choice for him and applied to Saggezza. 

Luke said: “Two people I went to university with started their careers with Saggezza, and from speaking to them, I knew there was a lot of support in place and the potential to grow. And now that I’ve joined, I know it was the right decision, because the support actually does exist, it’s not just a buzzword.” 

Growing up, Luke was always interested in tech and can remember building computers from a young age with his mum. 

He then went on to get an apprenticeship in the tech space, working for a company that builds gaming PCs, before going on to study Computer Science at university. 

Now, Luke is almost at the end of Saggezza’s Tech Track six-week programme, which was set up to support graduates in applying what they learned at uni to the world of work. 

He said: “The Tech Track has helped me settle in massively. I guess, in programming especially, there’s a lot of imposter syndrome, where you don’t necessarily think your experience is good enough. Having the mentors from the Tech Track there to encourage you, share best practices and learning from their experience is great. They’re all really helpful.

“Through having meetings and actually talking to people within the company and seeing how it works from the inside, the biggest recommendation from me is that Saggezza know what they’re selling. And it’s not a product, it’s the people. They’re all about growth and having a dialogue with people.” 

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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