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3 Ways to ‘Culture Fit’ In

The day comes where we make the decision to seek out new adventures.  Some people embrace this change, but for many, it can be downright terrifying. Things such as the opportunity for advancement and financial stability come to mind, but what about the social aspect of fitting in, being accepted and jumping headfirst into a new environment? Many candidates often ask about the organizations culture, but once they make the switch, are they really doing enough to immerse themselves?

According to, company culture is “the term given to the shared values and practices of the employees.” We take the time to seek out the opinions from all levels of employees throughout our offices in the US, the UK and India and have chosen Innovation, Customer Success, Heart and Excellence as the values that make up who we are as an organization.

Other companies pride themselves on values such as integrity and respect, while others have practices that may include being philanthropic and volunteering time for those less fortunate. While these are all excellent and crucial, it seems many candidates really want to know about the ‘fun stuff’ that goes on such as happy hours, group outings, and whether or not you have a stocked fridge filled with treats when they ask about the company culture.  Luckily, there are quite a few ways to be involved in that. These tips will hopefully help you connect with your new fellow co-workers and make the most out of your new organization.


First and foremost, make sure you’re going to the right organization. Do your research prior to interviewing and make sure that your values align with theirs. If they don’t, you probably want to reevaluate moving along in the process. If you do move forward, assess how their employees treat you off the bat. Do you feel welcomed? Could you see yourself working there? Has your experience been positive or are you hearing that inside voice telling you that something just isn’t right?  It’s extremely difficult to immerse yourself into a culture when you feel uncomfortable, so don’t ignore the signs, no matter how big or small.


When you move to a new city or start a new school, you join clubs and sports teams, and you sit with new people at lunch, so why wouldn’t it be the same in your professional life? If your company has a summer softball league, sign up – even if you hate softball! Joining after-hours events are a great way to get to know your fellow colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.  This can often help you feel more comfortable going to them for advice during the work day. If your company throws happy hours, stay a little bit later and mingle. You don’t have to drink, but this is a great way to interact with all levels of employees in an informal, laid back setting.


Competition is fierce, and companies are always looking for the best and brightest to join their team. Your role isn’t limited to improving the bottom line, and you can help the overall company positively impact the world out there. If something like educating less fortunate children or volunteering at an animal shelter is something that is near and dear to your heart, then voice your feelings and do something to bring your ideas to fruition. Be the one to spearhead a group outing, or join an existing group of likeminded individuals. People in corporate America typically aren’t shunned for trying to make the world a better place.

There are so many things that go through your mind before starting a new job, and it can be extremely stressful no matter your level. In addition to loving the actual role within the organization, most of us also want to enjoy and love the culture that the organization has built over the years. There are so many things Saggezza newcomers or any organization can do to really immerse themselves into a company’s culture. Who knows? You might even make a lifelong friend or two along the way.

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