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Digital Transformation Guide for the Insurance Industry

Not sure if your insurance organization is ready for digital transformation?  You’re in the right place. Do any of the […]

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How the Pandemic Will Shape UX: 2021 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted almost every system we rely on, drastically changing our behavior in every sphere of our lives. […]

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Salesforce for Insurance Agencies: What to Know before Taking the...

If you’ve been tasked with modernizing your insurance agency’s tech stack or improving its customer outcomes, you’ve no doubt heard […]

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3 Practices to Ensure Your Org Is Always Ready for Salesforce Upd...

One of the things that makes Salesforce such a powerful tool is that it’s constantly evolving. Salesforce adds new features […]

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One Year In: Technology Success Stories from the Pandemic

This time last year, US companies were forced to face a new and unsettling reality: business as usual was no […]

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Chris Bielak’s Tips for Developers: Don’t Stop Thinking about...

All right, here’s the deal. There’s a lot of talk out there about digital transformation, but most of it focuses […]

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Digital Transformation Leaders: Doug Woodrow on How Business Acum...

At Saggezza, we often talk about two types of transformation: digital transformations that improve upon legacy processes and business transformations […]

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4 Ways Salesforce Architects Can Impact Your Company’s Speed to...

Companies often fall behind on their Salesforce ROI targets because their staff aren’t experts in the Salesforce ecosystem. While engaging […]

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What Is a Salesforce Architect?

Whether you’ve already completed your Salesforce implementation and you’re still waiting to see the ROI you were hoping for, or […]

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Post-Pandemic Success: The Technology Roadmap

This year our society has changed at unprecedented rates, an extraordinary challenge to manage in the marketplace. To adapt to the […]

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