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Digital Transformation Leaders: Doug Woodrow on How Business Acumen Raises the Bar

At Saggezza, we often talk about two types of transformation: digital transformations that improve upon legacy processes and business transformations that help entire organizations level up while staying relevant and highly competitive.

But steering this work would be impossible without strong leadership skills and a keen understanding of what drives businesses forward. This is something our engineering team brings to the table every day, in addition to their coding acumen.

As a Senior Software Engineer, this is the work I’m here for: to gain experience alongside best-in-class software engineers on projects that allow me to leverage my own experience as an entrepreneur.

Motivation: Use Programming to Shape Businesses and Drive Change

My dad quit his 9-to-5 to start his own business when I was only nine years old, and this inspired me, even as a kid. I taught myself to code at ten and never looked back.

By the time I got to the University of Central Florida to start my undergraduate education, I was primed for the opportunities that community offers to young entrepreneurs. I launched a few startups – some successful, some not – and grew a lot during this time.

When I look back at my college years, that was the most stress I’ve ever felt, but I enjoyed testing myself and my ideas. More than a love of syntax, I’ve always been fascinated by the way programming can transform a business, which can make an impact in the world. That’s still what drives my career.

Why Leadership Skills Are Key to Dev Work at Saggezza

After graduating, the first company I worked for didn’t offer me leadership opportunities – I wanted to do more than just code – and that’s part of why I went out looking for a better fit. I came to work at Saggezza because two things clicked during the interview process:

  1. My entrepreneurial drive was a match. I plan to focus on my venture eventually, but for now, I want to work with others who are talented and prove me wrong constantly. I have that at Saggezza, and this was clear from the first stages of the interview process.
  2. I’d have a high level of responsibility directly to clients. I learned quickly that most of our clients don’t have a cross-functional team member who can translate a business holder’s requirements into the data side and visual components of a project, so my skills would be put to good use – and they are.

In my role, I have the freedom to identify areas where the company can improve, propose solutions, and run with them.

For example, when I arrived at Saggezza, I felt that the talent recruitment process wasn’t systematic enough. I came in and said I thought it wasn’t right, and leadership said, “Go for it – Show us how you think this should be done.” And I did.

Within this company, people are very willing to support each other. Our open and supportive culture has allowed me to take on leadership positions within the company and provided the backing I need to go to clients with ideas that push the envelope.

Being a Senior Software Engineer here isn’t just about programming; it’s about driving change where you see opportunities and bringing your best entrepreneurial instincts to client projects.

Want to Spark Change at the Business Level? Get Comfortable with Being Wrong

If you want to make change happen, you’ve got to get comfortable with being wrong. I’d rather assume I’m wrong and prove myself right. That’s a core skill for leaders: you must be constantly learning and trying new things.

Saggezza projects empower engineers like me to challenge their assumptions and help drive industry leaders forward.

For example, if you assume that because you’re working for a major bank, you shouldn’t try the new Java version, you’re just adding an imaginary barrier that could block the progress you might otherwise make.

Whether our team is working with financial leaders or insurance carriers, our clients are open-minded and ready to innovate.They understand that if they don’t embrace the way tech can power the business transformation they ended to stay relevant, they’ll be left in the dust. 

That’s why I work at Saggezza: we see eye-to-eye on this, and so do our clients.

Get Ready to Move Fast: Dev Work at Saggezza Is Future-Forward

If you want to join our team at Saggezza, get ready to move fast.

I often meet developers who don’t want to break out of their stack. They’re happy working on Java 8 and they’re not concerned with keeping up with the latest releases. If that sounds like you, Saggezza isn’t the right environment for your growth.

More than being self-motivated leaders, our engineering team are actively seeking more education and working to stay ahead of the curve.
So, if you enjoy constant change, growth, and opportunities to learn at the forefront of industry transformation, join our team.

doug headshot

Doug is a senior engineer in our Engineering Practice. He works with stakeholders, builds the software, and connects users to that software and guides throughout the entire software lifecycle. High expectations paired with many years of building businesses and their world-class software gives Doug a unique ability to construct phenomenal products and connect those softwares to the world around him.

Prior to joining Saggezza, Doug grew multiple software-powered businesses that powered global operations.

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Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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