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A healthcare company partnered with Saggezza to create a single source of truth for billing, patient, and employee data. 



The company grew quickly by tailoring its care to a community’s needs. However, this individualized approach left it with multiple data stores and without a standardized data format. Over time, their siloed data began to contain conflicting information.

The company wanted to adopt an improved system for billing and payments. However, given the integrity of their data, they potentially faced serious problems had they begun using the new system without migrating data to a centralized data warehouse. One false move and they could potentially lose crucial billing reports. Due to these risks, data governance became a top priority.


Saggezza partnered with the healthcare company to:

  • Migrate data to a single cloud data warehouse
  • Lay the foundation for an automated, intelligent reporting pipeline
  • Ensure that they could continue regular operations and reporting throughout this migration 

Saggezza’s priority was to ensure that all data was accessible, accurate, and stored in the cloud data warehouse (that came to serve as it’s single source of truth). Our cloud environment provided the company with a single data repository of reliable, transparent, and interconnected data. Now, all staff members, from therapists to market researchers, can access up-to-date, informative, and actionable data. 

This new cloud warehouse was built especially for healthcare. Our client  believes that healthcare should be tailored to individuals and communities. Their new highly adaptable and interoperable solution helps them achieve  this goal.  It also enables them to scale effortlessly without worrying about data quality.


Single Source of Truth

Saggezza’s data governance specialists built a scalable, fast, and enduring single source of truth for the healthcare company. 


Tailored Healthcare Solutions

Our cloud solution launched this healthcare company on a path towards data excellence— helping them provide excellent family healthcare for all.

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