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American Classic Homes was looking to optimize the home building business process and introduce cutting-edge features to improve the customer experience. Central to this was giving visibility into the entire build process for employees, vendors and contractors. Employees selling and scheduling new home builds needed an automated way to configure, price and quote each build and an intelligent solution for scheduling the hundreds of tasks contractors must complete to make a home move-in ready.


“Saggezza is more than capable of helping any client meet the challenging demands of their industry. The Saggezza team went above and beyond to ensure our complex needs were met, and in most instances exceeded our expectations.”

~Richard Briggs, ACH President


Prior to working with Saggezza, American Classic Homes couldn’t see the details of their build pipeline in one place and couldn’t provide its vendors, contractors or customers with a clear understanding of construction responsibilities and timing. 

The company maintained permit data, designs and other build-related paperwork in hard copy, making status tracking difficult. ACH believed the company was losing ground to their competition.


Saggezza enabled processes on Sales Cloud, CPQ, Arrow PSA and QuickBooks to streamline the entire business process and give everyone – within and outside of ACH – a clear understanding of the build and all scheduled work. Vendors receive purchase orders for materials and labor, driven by optimized pricing and margin features to help ACH pick the best vendor for each line item on the build schedule. 

Saggezza analyzed, documented and suggested changes to optimize American Classic Homes’  build process from end to end and delivered the project  using deep-dive process and requirements analysis workshops followed by a series of design-build-test agile sprints.  



Automated, Optimized Home Building Process

Every build goes through an automated configuration process using Salesforce CPQ to make design decisions and finalize the build configuration and pricing. Once a quote is approved by the customer, ACH kicks off the permitting and build process, using Arrow PSA to issue work and purchase orders and automatically create a build schedule for the project. Vendors and contractors get real-time information about all the work they’re doing for ACH through a portal built on experience cloud. The portal includes access to work orders, purchase orders, task-level details and a full build schedule so everyone understands the build’s status. 


Cloud Access Anywhere

Using the power of the Salesforce platform, ACH took their entire home building process  into the cloud for access anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.

Centralized Application

Through improving their old processes and adding new processes through automation and integration, the team were able to establish a more centralised, robust and efficient application for all.



Salesforce CPQ                                                     Experience Cloud

Salesforce CPQ and Sales Cloud                         Experience Cloud   


Arrow PSA quickbooks                         




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