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Leading US Bank Accelerates Their Path to Digital Banking

Saggezza improves the customer experience by modernizing banking software with a user-friendly UI Architecture.

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Increasing Maturity in Agile Software Development

A Fortune 500 company, a global provider of Print, Digital and Supply Chain Solutions, faced difficulty in keeping up with changing demands and new opportunities in software development.

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Restructuring Business Processes to Increase Operational Efficien...

A private equity firm acquired a national wealth advisory firm and needed to align and grow the back-office services that were at the core of their business offerings.

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Modernizing At-Home Care Through Cloud Technology

A healthcare company’s data management practices were prohibiting growth and teamed up with Saggezza to create a personalized solution to offer their customers life-changing care.

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Empowering Development through Framework-Agnostic Component Libra...

An established healthcare client was struggling to break away from the front-end framework in which their mature applications were created.

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Saving over $70 Million with Artificial Intelligence

A large printing and distribution company needed to develop a machine learning solution that optimizes the cooperative mailing program’s operations.

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Phusion Projects Gains New Insights Into Consumers Through a Mode...

A global alcoholic beverage company was growing rapidly and wanted to leverage additional resources to understand consumer behavior.

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The Father’s Table Website: Technical Implementation

A nation-wide and privately owned dessert manufacturer needed guidance developing a system that manages their product inventory and improves their information architecture.

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Robotic Process Automation for a Leading Modular Storage Company

A large modular storage enterprise was struggling to maintain an accurate perspective on the quality of their inventory.

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