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Coles Energy Inc. is a locally owned and operated business in Milan, Ohio. They are Ohio’s premier provider of fuels, lubricants, and additives. Delivery and service are the key components of their business philosophy. The goal was to increase Coles Energy sales productivity and revenue, keep track of every customer interaction, and automate their Sales Process. 


A single customer interaction might require admins and sales representatives to pivot from their email to their phone to their calendar to their note-taking application. Account data was kept in spreadsheets and not easily accessible to management, reporting was limited, and critical sales information was not reaching the right eyes. Saggezza was able to illustrate that Salesforce Sales Cloud can bring all that information together in one place and transform the sales process.


Saggezza implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud at Coles Energy. By creating a connected view of data across the entire customer journey and integrating Sales Cloud, all Coles Energy team members have the visibility they need into the business. A streamlined sales process eliminates busywork so reps can focus on smart selling. Saggezza uploaded all existing Coles Energy accounts into the platform. This brought all of the customer information together in one place and connected disparate systems and departments, giving sales reps a much-needed productivity boost.

sales cloud dashboard

Coles Energy also needed centralized productivity tools. Sales Cloud allows the sales teams to efficiently work a deal and sell as a team. Collaborative documents and interactions, like notes, any contact with the customer and future account plans, are now connected to the right records in Salesforce. This allows streamlined deal coordination, seamless hand off of data, and helps sales reps align around business plans. With reports and dashboards, they can easily see the information that is most important and track sales performance. Most importantly, Coles Energy is able to get a real-time picture of their business in just seconds, which allows them to make the right decisions fast.

Salesforce Salescloud


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