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A Chicago based icon since 1891, Bulley & Andrews provides cutting edge construction services centered around innovation, technology, and best practices in the industry. These services range from new construction, renovation, and restoration. In order to continue expanding their legacy, the firm acknowledged that a new sales system was required in order to effectively scale the services and products they deliver to their customers. They turned to Saggezza to deliver the integrated digital sales solution, Salesforce Sales Cloud.



Bulley & Andrews followed a consistent documentation process to record all customer interactions and essential data to each project. However, as information and data grew, sharing became repetitive as data communication was managed on multiple platforms, such as spreadsheets, in-person meetings, and software platforms. 

They also had an existing challenge in tracking prospective client interactions due to a lack of proper recording methods to gain insights on leads. This was partly due to the time consumption of inputting data and repetitive communication across team members responsible for documenting project needs, leads, and sales. 


Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Saggezza implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud to increase their sales productivity to make it customer-specific, including customized interfaces that capture the Bulley & Andrews’ accounts, contacts, projects, and leads. The sales process was seamlessly integrated into the platform, allowing employees the simplicity and ease of creating their own accounts with related contacts and projects. They could also view information input by other team members for a unified experience across the company . Also, they are now able to create, track, and complete activities for their related projects. 


Seamless Enterprise-Wide Integration

Saggezza was also able to  integrate their new instance of Salesforce with their existing Procore system, an enterprise-wide project management software and tool used to communicate Construction drawings, billings, and questions. This allows the users to focus their time on more projects rather than redundant administrative tasks.


Lead Management System

The Sales Cloud implementation also introduced a new structured lead process. Now, an employee can create a lead and document relevant information in the same system of record. Once the lead is qualified, it can seamlessly be converted into an account, contact, and/or project. 


In the end, the Saggezza team provided enterprise-wide visibility into the company’s accounts, contacts, projects, and more. Sales Cloud customizable reports, list views, and colorful charts on unique dashboards provided the Bulley and Andrews team with a snapshot of valuable data captured in the system. Employees as well as leadership now have more visibility into present and future projects, as well as  all prospective and current client interactions. This eliminated technical debt, redundancies, and rework by 90%, allowing the team to focus on growing the business to continue to be a leader in the construction industry.


Sales Cloud

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