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Hydra-Stop: Expert Water Control Solutions

Hydra-Stop’s innovative water control solutions provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective system to conserve and control water for municipalities and private water utilities around the world. Their solutions help minimize or eliminate the disruption of water — the most basic human need — during planned, routine, or emergency maintenance. 

Hydra-Stop partnered with Saggezza to assist with their digital transformation initiative, including increasing sales productivity and revenue, organizing their opportunity and project data, keeping track of their service providers and partners, providing better reporting and streamlining their product data. 

“My team has participated in three CRM implementations in the last 7 years. The Saggezza team was by far the best implementation partner we have worked with. From our initial discovery call to post-implementation support, Saggezza was engaged in our project and supported our team through every step of the implementation process. I recommend Saggezza to be your next implementation partner.”

~ Steve Roehrig, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Hydra-Stop


Hydra-Stop had a well-defined sales process, but the legacy CRM tool being utilized was not effectively supporting their business goals. Their legacy CRM navigation was not intuitive, leading to poor user adoption and inaccurate, unreliable data, which became an obstacle for the sales team.

In addition, poor legacy solution design and configuration left Hydra-Stop unable to efficiently convert their sales leads into opportunities.  Keeping customer notes tied to an opportunity was simply not possible, and despite being critical to their success as a team, Hydra-Stop was unable to execute simple tasks like reporting on opportunities and related tasks/events, or managing and resetting sales targets at the beginning of each year.


Saggezza implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud for Hydra-Stop. We ran daily discovery sessions focused on streamlining Hydra-Stop’s unique sales processes, and configured a solution that would help them overcome their business challenges.  Saggezza also provided email integration with their new Sales Cloud org, and by migrating historical Account, Contact, Opportunity, Project, and Product Data to Sales Cloud, we brought all their customer information together in one place, achieving Hydra-Stops goal of having all sales data quickly accessible and actionable.  

Collaborative documents — like client notes, calls, tasks, and events — are now connected to the appropriate records in Sales Cloud, and when sales reps are traveling, they now have the ability to schedule follow-ups with service providers, or email contacts in second using the Salesforce Lightning Mobile app.  Saggezza provided personalized training to all Sales Users and Administrators as well, which allowed for a seamless transition from their legacy CRM platform to Salesforce.


Saggezza delivered a solution that allows Hydra-Stop sales reps to focus on Smart Sales.  Now executives and sales reps can view reports based on their key customer data, and view customized dashboards within Sales Cloud. They can also track sales performance and access a real-time view of their pipeline. Saggezza and Sales Cloud streamlined Hydra-Stop’s sales processes, brought together data from disparate systems, and aligned their sales representatives around internal business plans — allowing their department to work efficiently and sell as a team.  

Productivity has increased by 15% and is expected to climb to 25% over the course of the first quarter.


Salesforce Sales Cloud is a collaboration tool that allows your teams to store critical information in a single place that all teams can access, at any time, can provide a clearer view of your business strategy, customer history, and recent engagement. Ultimately, investing in collaboration tools that allow your sales teams to work cohesively, among themselves and with the rest of the company, can enhance rep productivity.

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