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Discovering (and Excelling in) a Software Career

Software Developer Martin Shields joined Saggezza in June 2017. He has seen his career move quickly into the fast lane ever since. 

The 30-year-old recently completed a four-month stint working in the US, supporting one of Saggezza’s global clients. 

“One of the things that attracted me to Saggezza was the fact that it’s an international company that has real ambition to grow,” Martin says.

“I wanted to kickstart my career that would give me the chance to move up quickly and make a real contribution.

“Another thing that attracted me more than anything was that Saggezza is big enough to have a really rewarding career, but small enough to know that you will be treated as a person and not just a number.

“My expectations have certainly been fulfilled at my time with the firm, and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity I have.”

Martin has already been promoted once and is excited about further opportunities to rise through the ranks.

“Within a year of joining Saggezza, I was promoted from an associate software developer to my current role, and I am hopeful of progressing further with the skills I developed during my time in the US.”

Martin was given the opportunity in late summer 2018 to relocate to Chicago for 10 weeks to lead the delivery of a client project.

“I had been working on the project with our client since April, and when a colleague in the US moved onto a new account, I was given the chance to get more involved. 

“I discussed the opportunity with my partner, as we have a young child. I think she could see how excited I was about the opportunity, and she said, ‘If it’s going to advance your career, you should go for it.’ 

“I am really pleased I took the chance, because the work in Chicago has been brilliant and I feel like I have grown so much since starting the project,” Martin added. 

“The work has been really challenging, but that is exactly what I am looking for. I want to learn new things, and that’s what I have been able to do. 

“It’s amazing, so early on in my career to have the chance to test myself like this.”

Though not his first job, Martin had returned to university in his mid 20s, having originally pursued a career in engineering. Saggezza was his first break in the IT sector.

“I initially studied engineering, but realised quite quickly that it wasn’t for me. A friend asked me if I could help to build a website for him and I said I would give it a go. I realised I wanted to go into computing. I liked building software.”

When Martin graduated from the University of Sunderland, he came across an opportunity with Saggezza.

“I had opportunities with a range of businesses, but I always wanted to grow my career with my employer – to join a company where I could develop with them. Saggezza offered me that,” Martin explains.

Saggezza has recognised my progress I made and rewarded it. If you work hard at Saggezza, you progress, and I think it’s the perfect place for someone who’s ambitious and hungry. That’s why I think I have been able to progress so quickly. 

I know I would never have been given the opportunities that have come my way at Saggezza if I joined anywhere else. It’s the perfect place to work if you want to work hard and be rewarded for it.”

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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