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Robotic Process Automation: Revolutionizing Banking

Robotic Process Automation: Revolutionizing Banking

Eliminating multiple 3rd party vendors


A global investment bank was looking to eliminate multiple 3rd party vendors for transactional entries.


A global investment bank’s operations team relied on 3rd party vendors for all transactional entries like Trade and Journal. Internal staff were responsible for making (maker) the request and checking (checker) and approving the request. The series of manual processes, involving multiple business units in order to reconcile those transactions resulted in delays due to inaccurate data from manual processing errors.


Saggezza was able to successfully automate the process by implementing Automation Anywhere bots. Bots run on a daily basis, providing the client with a cost effective and scalable system. The bots replaced the 3rd party vendor with 100% accuracy and eliminated manual interventions, saving them $250K annually.

Saggezza has partnered with Automation Anywhere to deliver robotic process automation (RPA) to the financial industry, a key lever in driving operational efficiencies and cost reduction. Repetitive tasks can now be managed at higher speeds and accuracy; either performing a manual step completely or act as a digital assistant. The range of activities that a software robot can perform include maker-checker reconciliation, completing forms, logging into various enterprises systems and carrying out process steps.


Anywhere is a developer of robotic process automation software. The company’s product, Automation Anywhere Enterprise, caters to enterprises looking to deploy a digital workforce composed of software bots that complete business processes end-to-end. Automation Anywhere Enterprise combines traditional RPA with cognitive elements such as natural language processing and reading unstructured data.

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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