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Byline Bank, a full service community and commercial bank serving small and medium-sized businesses, financial sponsors, and consumers was not able to engage online visitors and capitalize on their single most important digital asset – their company’s website. By putting the customer’s needs first, Saggezza helped optimize the user experience by simplifying the application process.


Byline bank struggled to capitalize on potential prospect leads because their Small Business Loan application was cumbersome for potential clients. On top of that, getting general information required applicants  to provide sensitive information that many were hesitant to submit online. Byline was looking to increase their online presence and traffic in order to stimulate and identify potential leads., which meant they needed to improve their website user experience.


A key feature of the project was the redesign of Byline’s form submission interface by Saggezza’s UX team. By eliminating unnecessary data entry fields, improving website navigation, enhancing the iconography, and reducing clicking and scrolling, Saggezza helped create a better user experience for Byline customers.

Along with the increased influx of customer data, Saggezza incorporated the data into nCino, Bylines CRM (a single, secure, and comprehensive cloud-based solution). Integrating data into nCino created a streamlined process for managing and organizing potential leads.

Finally, Saggezza took Byline’s website completely into the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Because of the sensitive nature of Byline’s business, Saggezza created a number of security initiatives and firewalls to safeguard Byline’s customers data.


73% Lead Conversion Rate


Saggezza’s expert UX team helped Byline bank increase online traffic and lead generating by reducing and simplifying the content that potential clients needed to submit, thereby making the form submission process quicker and easier for the client’s customers.

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