New Fraud Detection System for Fortune 500 Payment Network

New Fraud Detection System for Fortune 500 Payment Network


Building a New Solution to Better Detect Fraud Faster


Fraud is a very real issue affecting thousands of people everyday. It is something our client, a Fortune 500 Payment Network, must work to remedy each day. When the client realized they could capitalize on their existing fraud related data & help their customers they decided to build a new product.


As part of our existing relationship with the client the product team worked with Saggezza’s User Experience (UX) team to begin the process of building the new product. The product would be capable of detecting if their clients’ (namely banks) merchants were vulnerable to fraud using data from existing products and partnerships. This new product would be able to not only detect fraud earlier than normal, but in some cases could detect it before it happens.


Our UX team went to work and working with our client partners completed workshops to serve the clients needs while keeping it focused on the end-user. Coming out of those workshops the team built a prototype of the product using a combination of their expertise and client generated data. The team then worked to connect with potential users of the product in countries across the globe in order to test the prototype to make it as user friendly as possible. With the prototype, the team performed two rounds of user testing. The first round included notifying the users of the report, allowing them access to the report, reviewing it, and providing feedback on its quality and accuracy. After compiling and incorporating feedback from the first round of tests into the prototype, a second round was conducted with different users and a different kind of report being generated. This gave us the opportunity to see the whole product from start to finish in use and make the needed changes before product development began.

The reports generated from the product shared the likelihood of fraud occurring in certain locations with certain credit accounts, and whether card testing was being done with that account. This early detection can save millions of dollars for our client’s customers and their merchants.


Sketch is a digital design application that allows for vector graphics editing. It is primarily used for designing UI and UX elements of mobile apps and web.

Invision is a prototyping tool that allows users to take mockups and make them into interactive prototypes. It can easily be shared with clients and team members for review.

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