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A national restaurant chain sought to modernize their digital presence by creating a mobile application for their vendors and customers to use. Online orders are growing in popularity as 57% of customers order their food from a website and online ordering improves marketing/CRM by over 30%. Saggezza worked with the chain originally as their application development team for a short-term project and was brought on again to assist their IT team with this new endeavor.


The restaurant sought to develop a customized catering application; however, Saggezza was able to clearly demonstrate that investing in features for catering would not be profitable. Saggezza provided statistical and analytical data informing the client that less than 24% of consumers actually have restaurant specific mobile app on their phones. This research also showed that 59% of consumers who do not have a restaurant specific app responded that they would unlikely download one in the future.


Saggezza evaluated the chain’s existing assets and looked for opportunities to optimize their customer experience. The company website was a clear choice knowing that digital ordering is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic. The main goal was to generate more business via online ordering.

Aside from visually appealing videos and easily identified promotions, menu items are now conveniently customizable, previous orders are now displayed to make checkout easy, and finishing touches like chopsticks or soy sauce are easily quantified by the guest before checking out online.

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The website included a social media single sign-in feature, easy registration process, and automatic promotions. Personalized and customized offers and advertisements were incorporated for greater customer engagement and brand relevance.


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Personalized location and with a dropbox to view customer favorites. Simple and easy search tool to find other locations. Easy and quick navigation to Menu & Order, Reservation, and details page.




30% increase in users

20% increase in new sessions

60% increase in average time spent on page


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