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An insurance company partnered with Saggezza to create a data visualization solution designed to scale alongside the company’s rapid expansion of offices. Our solution provided their executives with full visibility into their business operations.



Because their operations were spread across various branches and affiliates, it was difficult for executives to get a complete picture of the business. Without a standardized system, they had to tediously sort through data in numerous layouts, formats, and files to draw conclusions. To make business operations fully visible to their leadership team, the company needed to optimize its infrastructure for data visualization and analytics


Saggezza worked with the client’s c-level executives and marketing leads to deliver a tailored reporting solution. Their data was engineered to quickly and efficiently generate analytics and visualizations. Now, executives can instantaneously load dashboards with key metrics and interactive visualizations.

Saggezza delivered four state-of-the-art, industry-focused Tableau dashboards that keep track of KPIs pertaining to revenue, production, effective headcount and marketer performance.


Data Visualization and Engineering



New Analytics Features and Updated Dashboards

Allowing communication of critical information on the company’s performance.


Scalable Data & Analytics Operations 

Full view into revenue, policies, and market performance allowing executives and analysts to leverage KPIs to develop new strategies.

Microsoft Azure



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