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An American Fortune 500 marketing communications company was struggling to effectively engage with its core customers. To solve the problem, and better serve their customers, they initially focused their attention on a campaign analysis solution. While the solution provided the information they needed, it’s inability to scale and delay of data ultimately proved fateful.


While the initial solution was designed to keep costs low, it did just the opposite. Built on outdated, legacy systems, the solution was costly to maintain and could not scale to the volume or speed of data. Reports were untimely with outdated information, sales lagged and user frustration was at an all-time high. The client continued to struggle to engage with its customers.


Saggezza’s Cloud & Data team, collaborated with the client through a series of discovery sessions to understand their needs, the future state and technical architecture. After a comprehensive review, Snowflake, a leading cloud data warehouse, was selected as the most successful solution.

Snowflake’s architecture was able to handle the large volume and continuous flow of data and improve the speed of response the client needed to make data-driven decisions.


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Cost of storage and administration decreased by over 50%


Fully operational solution in just 6 months


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