Merchant Portal User Interface Development

By: Saggezza

Case Study, User Experience

Our Client

Fortune 500 digital payments technology company.

Business Challenge

Our Client’s digital wallet is available for thousands of merchants to integrate into their ecommerce stores, allowing shoppers a faster, safer way to make purchases.

Prior to working with Saggezza our client had an existing merchant portal for this product, being used by their clients (merchants) to manage the merchant’s accounts. The existing legacy system for the merchant portal was previously custom built by an outside vendor. However, after deploying the customized portal, our client and its merchants became quickly dissatisfied with its usability. The portal was painful for users to employ, and its platform and code proved to be difficult to maintain and upgrade.

Based on our client’s unsuccessful results with this previous vendor, they decided to rebuild the entire platform and user interface (UI), selecting Saggezza to develop the front end (UI-user interface).

Solution Overview

Saggezza reviewed the designs that our client’s UX team provided and recommended some modifications, assessed the functionality of the existing merchant portal, and began introducing the front end UI development changes in order to improve the functionality and user experience for their clients.

Saggezza’s first production release with our client occurred in October 2015. Saggezza developed the UI for merchants to manage shipping profiles and loyalty rewards programs. The production release was a huge success and the Saggezza development team was requested to perform UI development for additional portal functions, extending the project into 2016.

After the project team’s production release in October, the Sr. Vice President said, “The project team went above and beyond to deliver a high quality product, on time.”


The new functions on the merchant portal, developed by Saggezza’s team, provide merchants with a better user experience when managing their accounts. By providing merchants a better user experience, this improves merchant adoption and use of the portal.

As Saggezza continues implementing more UI functions, our client’s migration to the new technical stack is improving its ability to use and maintain the platform.

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