Meeting the Challenges of Digital Transformation for Global Health Provider

Meeting the Challenges of Digital Transformation for Global Health Provider


Modernizing and Updating your Data


A global health services company had an outdated provider directory and was not available electronically. All directories were kept at each individual location in massive paper binders. Their customers were unable to access this information electronically, and had to physically visit the site to look through the directory of providers. Any update, modification, or removal was done entirely in-house and by hand. The time and cost associated with maintaining these directories became too cumbersome.


As a global health care provider, the need to modernize and centralize their provider information for their patients was paramount. As their directories were large paper binders, that were kept on site at each facility, the cost of managing these directories, updating them, and the high paper waste were key pain points. The client’s goal was to create a digital directory of providers that automatically updates in real time. This would have been a huge undertaking to do in-house, so Saggezza was approached to tackle this initiative.


Saggezza’s Customer Communications Management (CCM) team created an online directory, that updated automatically and made searching for providers easier. This cut the cost that the client previously had to invest to manually update and manage their provider directory.

Saggezza partnered with Messagepoint and Inspire Designer to ensure this directory would stay up-to-date and have an easy to use customer interface. Messagepoint stored and distributed the data to the provider directory, allowing Cigna to choose between annual or real-time updates. A Table of Contents, Indexing, and Scripting were just a few other features of the directory that Saggezza was able to implement.

Saggezza’s CCM team also included automated distribution of healthcare providers to new customers electronically and by mail. The list was personalized to reflect the providers available locally to the new customer and was customized to show only providers covered under their healthcare plan.

The directory allowed customers to easily search by location, type of provider, and more. Providing the customer all the information they would need.


Messagepoint is a leader in customer communication management software, which allows businesses to share and customize their content on the cloud. This facilitates and creates more personalized communication between you and your customers.

Inspire Designer is customer communications management solution that empowers you with the ability to design and customize personalized communications to your customers.

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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