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Logistics App for Drug Retailer

Logistics App for Drug Retailer

Reference architecture and app that improves courier delivery processes through automation and systems integration


Saggezza was brought on to create a logistics app for small parcels and pharmaceutical products. Using the scanning application designed and implemented by Saggezza, our client is able to search for and pinpoint inefficiencies in their delivery chain.


The client needed to increase deliveries from twice weekly, to daily to meet the demands of their customers. The increase in traffic necessitated an app that would help reduce overages, shortages and damages at hand off points.


Saggezza’s team worked diligently to build the best app for the client. The app allows for quick tracking to deliver time sensitive information to government agencies without shuffling through excel sheets and hand written reports. A device allows the courier to scan goods when they arrive and depart. A reporting tool sends the data to the application, displaying time critical information in a convenient dashboard. The creation of this courier app was crucial to our clients’ success, winning the bid to deliver highly regulated narcotics.

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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