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HRevolution for Aon Hewitt

HRevolution for Aon Hewitt

Saggezza helps develop iPad app offering key thought leadership pieces for leaders around the world.


Aon Hewitt engaged with Saggezza’s UX and Mobility teams to create a thought leadership iPad application, HRevolution, to share their “latest thinking on the issues that are fueling the evolution of what “business as usual” means”. HRevolution created a one stop shop for users to access a variety of interactive mini applications and thought leadership white papers. This user friendly application also provided Aon Hewitt with an easy to use platform and the ability to update and maintain proprietary content on a regular basis to stay relevant.


There were several challenges the team was up against. First, Aon Hewitt team members never designed or developed tablet apps before so Aon Hewitt needed an application that would not require developers to update. A highly interactive user experience was needed to be designed around data heavy static content. Finally, high-resolution maps needed to be implemented with limited memory available on the iPad.


Interactive applications embedded within the tool grant users access to useful surveys and systems like The Global Longevity Tracker. This iOS conversion of an existing Aon Hewitt Flash application allows users to navigate a map of the globe and view mortality rates for various countries. They may also zoom multiple levels to see small countries and apply color filtering based on the statistics.

In addition to thought leadership reports, several legacy Flash applications were converted into iOS mini applications. The People Risk Map allowed users to explore morality rates across the globe. Users could apply a variety of filters and even export the data for use outside of the application. Live content was fed to the application via new and existing web services. The application was integrated with Aon’s existing content management system which allowed non-technical resources to update the application without requiring additional development.

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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