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How We Helped Modernize a Client’s Traditional, Legacy System


Why legacy systems are out and cloud – based solutions are in. 


An American, Fortune 500, multi-marketing communications company became predominantly focused on market and campaign analysis to better identify how they could effectively communicate and market to their core customers. To assist with this initiative, the marketer acquired a separate company specializing in market and campaign analysis. The product was very efficient in providing the solutions to the customers, but there was a definite challenge.


The product was built utilizing outdated or “legacy technologies” to keep licensing costs low, but it was very slow to perform to the level needed.  The reports – which provide the data insight on customers data, were not fast enough to identify the particular campaigns and promotions that needed to be run. The data was accumulating so fast that the company was unable to accommodate the huge volume of data in their systems and needed much larger storage space. It also became difficult to expand the system to reach new customers and overall costs were considerably higher than necessary. 


Through discovery discussions, our Cloud & Analytics practice lead, Veera Budhi, along with his team, worked with the client to better understand their portfolio and business architecture. By analyzing their current environment, Snowflake was selected as a perfect cloud – based solution to handle data loading and overall performance. Over a six-month timeline, ten Saggezza individuals in both the US and India, were hand selected to build such a robust solution. The client had to bring in multiple data sets: customers, transactions, stores and products. Saggezza individuals migrated this data from the legacy system to Snowflake’s modern model so all infrastructure could integrate well with their existing technologies. Now, the newly built marketing solutions’ application can store unlimited data, share information to external customers efficiently and effectively, and lower storage and administration costs by 50%. 


Snowflake: A completely cloud – based, data warehousing company that Saggezza has partnered with to help organizations capitalize on their big data and move to the cloud with ease. 

“SnowSQL”: Loads / unloads data out of tables, and executes SQL Queries

“ETL Process”: Extracting, transforming and loading data into a data warehouse

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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