Taking Technology to the Next Level

Telecoms operators are generating vast amounts of data that can be used to make potentially game-changing business decisions. From network performance information to patterns of customer behavior, Saggezza can help you analyze both historic and real-time data to inform network planning, product bundling and promotion and customer acquisition and retention.

Network Management
Our expertise with legacy platforms and modern systems means we can help you bring big data together to support network planning and day-to-day management – finding faults faster and identifying potential weak spots before service is affected.
Service Development
More and more businesses are becoming network providers – running an overlay network on your infrastructure. We can enable you to offer them services that make them stand out.
Customer Insight and Experience
Our Big Data solutions help you make greater use of the customer information you already hold. We can give you a 360 degree view of every customer – which you can then use to support product bundling and promotion, and deliver a more personalized customer experience.

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