Front-end UI for Data and User Analytics in Education

By: Saggezza

Case Study, Data-Driven Enterprise, Education
Adaptive Learning Technology, Web 2.0 Capabilities and Social Learning Tool that enables analyses of student to student and student to teacher interactions


Post-secondary education provider with campus-based and online curricula

Business Challenge

Our client, a pioneer in the education industry, recognized that the way people learn has changed, and technology must be applied to traditional learning tools to keep up.

Project Overview

Saggezza partnered with a global education company, applying data and user analytics to adaptive learning. Users of the adaptive learning system are redirected to more challenging or more basic questions depending on the user’s response. The system recognizes change in learning pattern while gathering data on the users media of preference to deliver an individualized learning experience. Saggezza’s Interactive Services team reviewed the adaptive learning system, making changes to the user interface to make the user experience more intuitive. After analyses of various functions, Saggezza has identified which functions are of priority. We are also incorporating new functions into the system, like a social aspect. Implementing a social tool would enable analyses of student to student and student to teacher interactions – pinpointing a student’s learning preferences:
  • Does the student learn better in groups
  • Is the student an influencer
  • Does the student need more/less guidance than others from the teacher
  • Was there an improvement in grades following student/teacher correspondence


This technology is changing the way we learn in schools and universities as well as for training in large corporations. Contact Us to learn more about how your organization can leverage adaptive learning.