Advanced Analytics for Small and Midsize Banks

Competition remains fierce at financial institutions, with leading banks investing heavily in analytics solutions that help them capture new customers and simplify compliance. But these analytics solutions are priced to fit the budgets of only the largest banks, meaning small and midsize banks are unable to benefit from the cross-sell opportunities and simplified compliance that analytics can bring.

Saggezza creates advanced analytics products for banks that can be custom tailored by our financial data scientists. Our advanced analytics can help you:

hex-point Identify your most profitable customers
hex-point Cross-sell withrelevant, timely offers
hex-point Make better, real-time decisions

With Saggezza’s advanced analytics solutions, better knowledge leads to greater profitability.

Advanced Analytics for Credit Unions

Saggezza’s advanced analytics solutions can improve credit union member services, while increasing the amount available for member share. How? By offering a 360-degree view of member activity. Our advanced analytics solutions allow credit unions to:

hex-point Make more informed decisions with real-time data
hex-point Improve retention of your best members
hex-point Increase loyalty and reduce churn
hex-point Offer more optimized interest rates
hex-point Receive a substantial ROI and increase franchise value with insight into your most eligible members

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