Create an Open Enterprise

Opening up your enterprise data can lead to huge advances in the services you provide to internal and external customers. Saggezza has the skills and the technologies to turn your business into an innovation-led Open Enterprise.

Develop Exciting New Services with Open Data.

One of the main drawbacks of having lots of IT systems is that your data gets locked up in different silos. You can’t open up that data for your innovators to do pioneering things with – things that could potentially conquer new markets and create exciting new revenue streams.

Now you can. Saggezza has the tools and the expertise to open up your silos and expose your data to anyone who wants to use it – while ensuring your data remains secure and compliant. We call it Open Enterprise, and it can transform your business in hundreds of ways – from opening up product data to allow customers to buy in new ways, to opening up inventory data to make ordering easier.

In the past, sharing data with the wider ecosystem was so expensive and time-consuming that few enterprises had the budget to do it. Now, Saggezza makes it quick and easy for businesses of any size or complexity.

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