Create Specialist Teams

Creating Powerful Teams.

Business change often requires specialist teams for short, intense periods of activity. But many of those specialist skills are in high demand, making them difficult to source and expensive to hire. We can provide specialist teams on a highly flexible basis to address seasonal fluctuations or to deliver business critical projects such as building a specialist data science team, creating an agile development practice, or a forming a results driven PMO.

The Skills You Need, When You Need Them.

Saggezza can help you build specialist teams in three key ways:

  • Smooth out peaks and troughs: Enterprise IT is characterized by periods of high demand for new projects, interspersed with quieter periods, with many businesses experiencing seasonal fluctuations in demand. We can help out when you need extra specialist skills, leaving your team to return to business as usual when the busy period is over.
  • Free your team – and your time: Our specialist teams can manage the planning, execution and delivery of discrete IT and transformational projects, freeing your people to focus on maintaining business as usual, or on other projects where their skills and knowledge are in demand.
  • Easily source specialist skills: No more hunting around for hard-to find IT and business transformation skills. With our deep expertise in a wide range of programming languages, development environments and project methodologies, we can support your short-term and long-term need for specialist skills.

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