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Saggezza Wins a Gold Stevie Award

Saggezza was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Best Technical Support Solution – Computer Technologies category […]

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Where Does Digital Experience Fit into Digital Transformation?

While nearly every executive today spends at least some time thinking about digital transformation, it’s my experience that no two […]

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To Stay Ahead of the Competition, Start with Empathy

I recently outlined the difference between customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) in a blog post on the intersection […]

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Everyone at Your Company Contributes to UX. Here’s How to Encou...

User experience (UX) encompasses the many ways a user engages with a digital product – from their emotional reaction to using […]

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Salesforce for Manufacturing Companies: What to Know before Takin...

The past year has been challenging for many manufacturing companies.  Disruptions to supply chains around the world have made it […]

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How Data Governance Can Make Banks & Other Financial Institu...

Since Biden’s inauguration in January, there’s been a shift toward greater regulation for the financial services sector – as is usually […]

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Customer Experience & User Experience: Where they Meet

Author: Richard Alvarez, UX Practice Lead, Saggezza   This blog, co-written with Aparajito Sengupta (Senior UX Architect, Infostretch), draws on their joint experience […]

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Thinking of Acquiring a Neobank? Evaluate How Its Data Is Organiz...

The financial industry has seen a frenzy of mergers and acquisitions over the past few years that looks different from […]

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Should You Embrace a Crawl, Walk, Run Salesforce Rollout Plan?

It’s hard to understate the impact your organization’s rollout plan will have on the overall success of your Salesforce adoption. […]

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How Salesforce Can Help Personalize Patient Journeys

Salesforce Health Cloud has truly transformative potential for healthcare organizations (including doctors’ offices, insurance providers, hospital groups, and others) interested […]

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