What We Do

Corporate Finance teams today are faced with the complexities of managing and analyzing enterprise budgets to remain competitive. By making new investments in technology, those teams are better equipped to eliminate data-entry errors, improve processing efficiencies, and streamline cross-departmental tasks. Technology solutions also augment human review by providing an additional safeguard, decreasing the burden of compliance, and accelerating the collection and validation of information. Saggezza’s Business Advisory Services (BAS) team is focused on guiding company CFOs, senior finance leaders and key stakeholders to achieve objectives outlined in their strategic plans and investment theses. The BAS team can instill the processes and create the tools necessary for the CFO to broaden their impact across the organization.


How We Do It

We use financial modeling, metrics and dashboards, and corporate performance management software. Financial modeling involves developing the tools for management to efficiently execute their close, forecast, business development and annual / strategic planning. Our teams can develop dashboards that incorporate key drivers from plan into timely, informative and actionable insights for business decision makers. We can also implement corporate performance management (CPM) tools that help ensure efficiency across the organization.



Strategic BAS Partnership:

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