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The client, a 60 year old established leader in their industry, was experiencing growing pains. Their operations stretched across the United States, but as they continued to evolve, some of their processes did not. The biggest hurdle they faced was creating an optimal customer experience enabled by the suite of Salesforce cloud solutions. A highly interconnected stream of marketing, sales, and service tools were poised to streamline customer data management, but in the end it fell short of ensuring the integrity of their data.


The client was fully operational within the salesforce ecosystem, operating off on a customized Salesforce platform, including marketing cloud, sales cloud, service cloud, and field service lightning. However, as they continued to grow organically over the years, their data governance process failed to mature alongside. This resulted in inconsistent and rogue data with duplicate customer data records. Further, the sales and customer service team was spending numerous hours attempting to appropriately service inbound customer inquiries while manually cleaning up the data needed to ensure their customers and prospective clients received the best service and most accurate pricing according to their credit approval.

The most prevalent issue was the vast amount of duplicate prospect, account, and contact records across the platform. When a prospect would call, or request a quote online, sometimes they would be entered multiple times because the appropriate record could not be identified. This often happened due to their name being misspelled or an accidentally submitted request multiple times. This would result in the prospects receiving multiple calls, from different sales representatives, or the customer service representative not being able to locate their order when they inquired on its status.

Finally, the duplicate data was resulting in prospective customers being provided incorrect quotes by the sales team. After the credit approval process, a sales representative would generate a quote using the compromised data, resulting in quotes that were often too high or too low being delivered to the customer.


Saggezza’s expert team of data and Salesforce consultants were brought in to conduct a holistic discovery service inclusive of the people, process and technology. Oftentimes companies who implement technology solutions to digitize and streamline their operations fall victim to incurring technical debt. In this case, the client fell short of incorporating a governance plan to properly and effectively manage their data that is stored within the Salesforce platform. After evaluating the client’s current system, and their long-term business strategy, Saggezza went to work to identify the best course of action.

Saggezza advised the client to adhere to a strict governance plan to help mitigate duplicate entries while safeguarding the process by implementing the best-in-class data integrity tool, Cloudingo. Saggezza also configured Salesforce’s declarative dedupe tools that work natively within the platform to reduce the amount of duplicate data. Cloudingo performs sophisticated customer matching to avoid duplicates and clean up systems, automatically.



SOURCE: Cloudingo, Salesforce


The client had more than 250,000 records that needed to be cleaned. With Cloudingo in place the end user was alleviated of the manual time previously required to identify the true customer record. Cloudingo, along with the Salesforce dedupe functionality, automatically scanned every record, reducing human error, improving data accuracy, ensuring customer satisfaction, and ultimately improving the company’s value chain.



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