Alamelu Senthil: My Saggezza story

By: Saggezza

I joined the Saggezza family in Bangalore on October 1st 2012, and I can honestly say that I’ve never learned so much in such a short time before or since.

I was looking for a job in tech after relocating back to India after running product training for clients as a Technical consultant for a banking software company in Singapore.

When I initially interviewed for the company, they didn’t have a job that matched my skills. However, because we both felt we were a great match from the interview, they created a role for me. How could I say no to that?

Most of the roles I held at Saggezza were a big departure from my previous experience. But, it was a huge opportunity to learn and the Saggezza management always trusted me, which kept me on my toes and always wanting to learn and do more.

My first role at the company was helping the UI team in the US on the internal test taking tool they were building.

At the same time, I was also tasked with evaluating the 'Resumator' recruitment tool. Once we procured the license to the tool, I set it up, on-boarded the users/recruiters, trained them on using the tool and streamlined the resume screening process.

I’ve always prided myself on my attention to detail and the thoroughness I bring to my work, and that was definitely recognised and rewarded at Saggezza.

In fact, it lead me to notice a few gaps in the way we were invoicing and billing resources, so I began streamlining the process.

The management team at Saggezza are always happy to get feedback on the way they do things and give you the freedom to try a different way yourself. A lot of companies say they take this kind of feedback on board, but Saggezza actually live it.

After showing the company I was capable of multi-tasking and getting praise for my eye to detail, I was given the responsibility of taking charge of on-boarding the company’s new tool to enter timesheets and track efforts.

A few months later, I was thrilled to be promoted to Resource Manager. In this role I worked alongside all the project/delivery managers and was responsible for assigning the right people to the right projects at the right time.

Whenever I saw an opportunity to prove my abilities, I jumped at it. That’s why I also took up the role of the Recruitment Manager and spearheaded talent acquisition at this time.

By September 2014 – just less than two years after I joined Saggezza –  the company rewarded my hard work, attention to detail, and positive attitude with the role of offshore BA and project manager for the first Saggezza development project in the BCS space.

This was a very challenging project in terms of the skillset available, the time constraint and a lack of proper requirements. But I put all the skills I’d developed up to that point to use to deliver the project on time and in budget, which was a huge learning experience for me.

In June 2015, I moved back to Bangalore for three months, where I was proud to take on the role of project manager for a new client – a huge international brand.

Saggezza was always happy to help support my growth, and I was also part of the eight-person team that attended a certification course with IIT Madras on statistics, machine learning and R programming at the end of 2015.

I ended my time at Saggezza on the Advanced Analytics team, which was tasked with building the next-generation of simplified, dynamic and automated networks.

In May 2017, Cisco acquired the Advanced Analytics team and our unique expertise in analytics, cloud and secure platform development.

With this, I began my exciting new role at Cisco alongside the rest of the team, where we got straight to work building next-generation networks designed for an era of cloud, the internet of things and pervasive security threats.

Of course, I have Saggezza to thank for my role here at Cisco. The company was the perfect place to grow my skills, and my experience there took my career to a level I never even imagined.

The company’s management hire the right people and then trust them completely. I was given the space and freedom to do things my own way, as well as all the support I needed whenever I needed it from my managers and my excellent teammates.

At Saggezza, hard work and attention to detail is rewarded too. If you approach your work with a ‘never say never’ attitude and you’re serious about building your skillset, you’ll quickly get noticed and rewarded for your efforts.

If you want to follow in Alamelu’s footsteps, take a look at the careers available at Saggezza today.