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Agile methodology

Achieving a 400% Productivity Increase Through Agile

Digital Transformation through Agile


A large, publicly traded B2B company had a severe productivity problem – it was struggling to get work out the door. In 2019, it only completed three major projects; a small number given its size. The poor productivity was caused by a lack of communication across business units, inefficient resource and staff allocation, siloed work structures and goals, and friction between departments created by a merger. 


In December 2019, the company turned to Saggezza for help. Saggezza’s approach began with comprehensive discovery sessions to identify IT’s role, understand the project management process, and get to the root cause of low productivity. As a result of these sessions, a new strategy and plan were put in place to solve the problem and rapidly increase productivity.


Saggezza implemented a new IT-led structure focused on communication and transparency, which resulted in IT gaining a much larger voice in the feasibility and ROI of technology projects. All staff received training on agile practices so they could complete projects better and faster using incremental delivery. This approach helped the company fail fast, learn from their mistakes, and use those insights to create a better end product.

Most importantly, the IT department learned how to communicate the status of IT projects to all of the company’s departments, critical to getting marketing, sales, product, and others on the same page.


Since implementing the new structure, Saggezza has helped the company significantly increase its productivity. Over the past six months, Saggezza helped it deliver 11 projects and is on track to deliver another four by the end of June – a 400% increase in productivity in less than half the time.

The increased productivity gave IT a much larger seat at the table and confidence for delivering high quality projects to other business units.

Additional Benefits Realized:

• Increased transparency across business units 

• Increased project efficiency and success rates

• Shift from waterfall to agile project delivery methods 

• Easily measured ROI

• Increased cost savings


“The Agile methodology that Saggezza was able to implement within our team couldn’t have been timed better as we entered into 2020 and the events experienced by the world.  Working in an Agile format provided an efficient structure for our team as we quickly had to accommodate a work-from-home business environment and still provide the support our business partners needed.”  – Tom L., Director of Infrastructure 

“Saggezza provided support with a methodology/framework conversion from Waterfall to Agile by engaging knowledgeable professionals and establishing a wealth of best practices.  Throughout the transition, the consultants assisted with successfully streamlining our development and release processes to include lean documentation, enhancing collaboration with remote employees, and combining efforts across multiple work streams.  By leveraging some of the top Project Management tools such as Jira and Confluence, and the inclusion of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, task visibility improved significantly while reducing e-mail clutter and eliminating redundant meetings.” – Christin J., Manager, Financial Systems and Business Intelligence

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

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