Lube Insights®

Timely, trustworthy, relevant insights. Lube Insights is a proven analytics platform that enables your enterprise to easily tap into your data. Lube Insights makes it easier to ingest, correlate, compute, store, and visualize information. As a result you get timely, trustworthy, and relevant insights that enable you to make better, faster decisions based on pertinent facts and data. A cost-effective, cloud-based analytics platform, Lube Insights is quick and easy to operationalize, adapt, and evolve as your business needs change. Lube Insights is:
hex-point Easy to implement – minimal to no custom coding
hex-point Does what you need it to do – comprehensive software tasks and functions
hex-point Flexes with your business – scalable compute and memory resources
hex-point Works with your environment – extensible to other systems, applications, and tools

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