An Introduction to the Digital Debt Lab™

A working environment where we can deploy actual code and prototype use cases to very quickly establish the quantity and quality of digital debt that a company or a specific department is saddled with and begin the process of exploring time and budget appropriate digital debt-free paths open to the organization.


The process is simultaneously structured (in terms of evaluation) and yet conducive to free thinking (in terms of exploration of solutions) and is staffed with a team that reflects the flair and agility of a young start-up. Its mission is to rapidly prototype innovative, customer-oriented solutions to eliminate digital debt™, and to improve overall digital system functions and competitive position among enterprise businesses.


B2C Innovation

Consumer-facing technology is one of the most visible impact areas for a B2C mid-market business when working to eliminate digital debt™. Utilizing our research, defined assessment strategy, and balanced roadmaps, Saggezza created a demo site that showcases some of the biggest revenue and customer loyalty drivers for a hospitality business:

hex-pointOnline Ordering
hex-pointOnline Reservations
hex-pointSocial Sharing
hex-pointLoyalty Program
hex-pointCurated User-Generated Content
hex-pointLocation-Specific Menus
hex-pointOff-Premise Services
hex-pointEngaging Brand Content
hex-pointSelf-Service Content Management


Check it out on our demo site, and be sure to read our hospitality technology blog while you’re there!




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